The Iroquois' enemies were the Algonkin tribe and the settlers of the United States; however, before the 1500s the Iroquois were also enemies to one another, according to the Independence Hall Association. This is becaus... More »

The Iroquois used animal skin for making clothing, whereby women wore long skirts, and men wore long breechcloths and leggings. Men and women also wore soft shoes made from leather, called "moccasins." More »

The Iroquois were a native confederacy whose territories were originally within the boundaries of modern-day New York state between the Adirondack mountains and Niagara Falls. They conquered lands that eventually extende... More »

Lacrosse, cornhusk dolls and a sport that involves throwing a dart through a hoop are all examples of customs of the Iroquois tribe. Some of these customs have been appropriated into modern American culture. More »

Iroquois canoes were water vessels made out of elm bark or a hollowed-out log. Though most styles of Native-American canoes were built to be light and swift, Iroquois canoes could be very long, as much as 30 feet in leng... More »

The Iroquois have many symbols including turtles, the tree symbol that alludes to the Great Tree of Peace, the eagle and a cluster of arrows. The turtle is the symbol of one of the Iroquois clans. More »

The religious beliefs of the Iroquois varied, as the different tribes lived far apart and there are few written records of their practices. However, some commonly held beliefs included worshiping certain god and goddess-... More »