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hey adam, my names Will and i am very interested in buying an original bob ross painting but im not trying to spend more than 100$. I know his originals typically go for over 200$+ but if you are willing to sell for a little cheaper i will definitely buy from you… if you want to sell to me just message me here and we can figure out a better way to contact each other.


Bob Ross said he made over 30,000 paintings in his lifetime. If he didn’t sell them, where did his army of happy clouds go? We’ll let Bob explain:“One of the questions that I hear over and ...


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"The Joy of Painting" host Bob Ross brought warmth to viewers' hearts with his optimistic outlook and the ability to find beauty in the smallest details. Ross's acclaimed painting show spanned an impressive 31 seasons until his tragic death in 1995 at age 52. The painter lives on through his encouraging attitude and kind, bearded appearance.


Auction sites are a good place to start. On eBay at the moment there is an original Bob Ross painting for sale. Original Authentic signed Bob Ross Painting with COA-professionally framed-1971 | eBay. Ross painted thousands of paintings over the course of his long career. Most of the paintings he donated to charities.


In 2017, a board game titled Bob Ross: The Art of Chill was released and carried by Target Stores. In November 2017, a spoof of Bob Ross and his TV show, The Joy of Painting, was used as the basis of a teaser trailer for the movie Deadpool 2. The same month, a Chia Pet model in Bob Ross's likeness was also released. References


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A happy little painting is now up for bid on eBay.. Soft-spoken painter Bob Ross once estimated that he’d made over 30,000 paintings in his lifetime—with about 1,200 alone created for his PBS ...


“The painting was made using the same style of painting that Bob Ross used. The painting is already signed…Signatures are individual and to put a second signature on the painting would not look like Bob Ross’s signature. I would love to sell the painting, but would not feel comfortable signing the painting as though it was made by Bob Ross.