Butterflies usually represent metamorphosis and good luck. In Christian art, they are often a symbol of resurrection. Large swarms of butterflies are a bad omen in Japanese culture, and individual butterflies are a good ... More »

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Sapphire represents loyalty, compassion and love as well as sympathy, friendship and constancy. It is also a gemstone that symbolizes integrity, wisdom and strength. The gem also invokes royalty and has been used in heal... More »

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The Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt is generally believed to be a monument to the Egyptian Pharaoh Khafra. The Egyptians regarded the lion as a god, and the placing of the pharaoh's head on top of a lion's body was meant t... More »

Koi fish are associated with good luck or fortune and a person's aspirations to improve themselves. According to New Health Guide, this meaning is derived from a collection of Chinese and Japanese legends that says the k... More »

In Native American Indian lore, the raven symbolizes metamorphosis, change or transformation. Some tribes consider the raven a trickster because of these attributes, and holy men often call upon ravens in rituals to clar... More »

Symbols of hope from ancient times include turtle doves, palms, butterflies and fish. Many early symbols of hope originated in the Bible and have evolved into universal symbols for individuals of all religions and belief... More »

Animals and insects, such as butterflies, carp, dragonflies and cranes are some commonly used symbols in Japan. Plants such as chrysanthemums, cherry blossoms, peonies and pine trees are also common symbols in the Japane... More »

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