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Physicians, surgeons, internists, orthodontists and anesthesiologists are among the most highly paid careers, with professionals in these fields earning a median wage equal of $187,200 annually, as of 2012. Chief executives also take home large salaries, with a median expectation of $168,140 per yea


Some of the highest paying home businesses include actuary, business intelligence analyst, software developer and compensation analyst. As of 2015, salaries for these positions range from roughly $63,200 to 96,000 per year.


In 2014, the highest-paying jobs in California were family and general practitioners; the second highest-paying jobs were for judges, magistrate judges and magistrates. Other top-paying jobs include nurse anesthetists, astronomers and general pediatricians.


Ice road truckers are the highest paid truck drivers in the industry. Hazmat drivers and oversized load drivers also make a lot of money.


Some of the highest-paying professions as of 2015 include physicist, pharmacist, benefits and compensation manager, air traffic controller, law professor and sales manager. Individuals in the medical field often have the highest salary, though the field also requires some of the most expensive schoo


Some of the highest-paying occupations as of 2015 include physician, dentist, marketing manager, information systems manager, and lawyer. CEOs, architects, engineers and air traffic controllers are also among the highest-paying occupations.


The highest-paying jobs in the United States are white-collar occupations that require advanced college degrees and earn six-figure salaries, as of 2014. Seven of 10 top jobs in America are in the health care industry that need secondary degrees. As of 2014, surgeons make more than $233,000 and gene


Some top-paying jobs that require only an associate degree include air traffic controller jobs, which pay a median salary of $108,040, and construction manager jobs, which pay a median salary of $83,860, as of 2012. Other good-paying jobs that require two-year degrees include registered nurse jobs,


As of 2014, National Basketball Association players received the highest average salary among the four major American sports. NBA players averaged $4.5 million per year. In America, the next-highest paid athletes played Major League Baseball and averaged $3.9 million a year.


Everyone pays taxes in different forms and quantities. Those who work for wages pay income taxes proportional to their income, also called federal payroll taxes. People who buy and consume gasoline pay federal and state gas taxes, while homeowners and renters pay property taxes.