Nobody knows for sure who killed the woman referred to as the Black Dahlia, and that is why the case remains unsolved as of 2015. There have been numerous suspects over the years -- Dr. George Hordel, nightclub owner Mar... More » Government & Politics Crime

The Black Dahlia is a pseudonym given to Elizabeth Short, a woman who was brutally murdered in Los Angeles in 1947. This name was used in place of Short's real name as part of the news media's tendency at that time to gi... More »

Elizabeth Short, nicknamed "The Black Dahlia," was found mutilated in a vacant lot in Los Angeles, California. Her body was found by a local resident on Jan. 15, 1947. More » Government & Politics Crime Famous Crimes

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Circumstances that courts consider prior to moving a juvenile case to an adult court include the age of the minor, the person's criminal record, the offense committed, prior rehabilitation efforts, and the commitment req... More » Government & Politics Crime

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