René Descartes, French philosopher and mathematician, is generally regarded as the father of modern philosophy for establishing a beginning point for human existence, states His famous line, "I think; ther... More »

Wilhelm Wundt is typically considered the father of modern psychology. He founded the first experimental psychology lab in 1879 at the University of Leipzig in Germany. More »

The Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle is known as "the father of political science." His works "The Politics" and "Nicomachean Ethics" among many others evaluated political systems on a philosophical basis. More »

Plato was a philosopher and mathematician who changed the way philosophy was perceived and practiced in the Western world. He abandoned political power in the oligarchy to seek out virtue. Influenced by Socrates, Plato w... More »

Rene Descartes, the French philosopher and mathematician who invented the Cartesian coordinate system, is considered the father of modern analytical geometry. His work was crucial to the discovery of infinitesimal calcul... More »

Though debated, René Descartes is widely considered to be the father of modern mathematics. His greatest mathematical contribution is known as Cartesian geometry, or analytical geometry. More »

Postmodernism, a movement of the late 20th century, was first called by that name in 1979 by French philosopher Jean-François Lyotard. He noted a change of approach in the worlds of science, art and literature. More »