Diocletian was able to bring Rome together to find peace and financial success, but he ended up destroying the unity of Rome by dividing power into what was known as the tetrarchy. Diocletian and Maximian shared the titl... More »

The year 1 AD was the first year of the common era in the parts of the world that use the Gregorian calendar. According to New Advent, the dating convention was devised by Saint Dionysius Exiguus in the 6th century as a ... More »

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Saint George was officially canonized by Pope Gelasius in 494 A.D., but by then, he was a semi-mythical figure whose real life was shrouded in mystery. The pope's canonization statement characterized George as a saint wh... More »

The Western Roman Empire was conquered in 476, when Germanic tribes led by Odoacer sacked Rome and deposed the Emperor, Romulus Augustulus. The Eastern Roman Empire fell in 1453, when the Turks led by Sultan Mehmed II in... More »

The main purpose of the Coliseum was to provide a grand amphitheater where the people of Rome could go for various forms of public entertainment, including gladiatorial combats and fights between wild animals. It was a g... More »

One major accomplishment of Augustus Caesar was that he restored and maintained peace in the city of Rome, also known as the Pax Romana. Prior to Augustus, Rome was a city plagued with civil disobedience, class wars and ... More »

The success of the Roman army is mainly attributed to a well-trained army as well as meticulous planning prior to each assault. The Roman army also used a highly successful attack technique that utilized a combination of... More »