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Christopher Latham Sholes invented the Typewriter. It was invented to be able to look more neat and so people could type longer than writing. The Typewriter was patented in 1860, but wasn't popular until the 1950's. The Typewriter is a machine for writing mechanically in characters or resembling print.


Exclusive right granted by the goverment to an inventor so that they have exclusive right to maufature their invention


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Typewriter was invented by Christopher Lathan Sholes with the help of Carlos Glidden and Samuel Soule. It was the first practical writing machine. It was able to produce documents very quickly. This invention was very significant and had great impacts on the society because businesses began to hire women as typists.


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He Invented the typewriter. Christopher sholes. He helped Christopher sholes re arranged the keys on the keyboard so they wouldn't get jammed in 1868. Amos densmore. They put the first typewriter out on the market it was called Remington & sons no.1 in 1874. Remington & sons.


The first primitive typewriter was invented in 1575, so its inventor, Francesco Rampazzetto, was the first to use that one. There were many, many other prototypes after that. The first ...


Three people who invented the typewriter joined together to make a very useful machine. Since then, with further improvements to their earlier versions, the typewriter had become known as a handy machine for writing and had further influenced the makings of the computer keyboard.


Who Invented the Typewriter? Credit: Howard Kingsnorth/The Image Bank/Getty Images. Several inventors created typing machines similar to a typewriter. The first person to develop, patent and mass-produce a typing machine was Rasmus Malling-Hansen of Denmark. Malling-Hansen first patented his writing ball in 1870, but continued to update and ...