Wikipedia notes that the first documented telescopic rifle sight, commonly called a scope, was invented by Morgan James of New York between 1835 and 1840. The invention was documented by John R. Chapman, who teamed up wi... More » History Inventions

Marin le Bourgeois developed the first flintlock gun, which is the predecessor to the rifle. Captain Patrick Ferguson of Pitfours, Scotland is known for inventing the first breech-loading rifle, which was used by the Bri... More »

Prolific inventor and mechanic Walter Hunt patented the repeating rifle in 1849. Hunt dubbed the gun the "Volitional Repeater" and later sold the rights to George Arrowsmith when he was unable to finance its production. ... More »

In 1854, Frenchman Hippolyte Marie-Davey invented the first naval periscope, which was a sight tube made of two mirrors at 45-degree angles. In the 1880s, other periscopes were created, but these designs, including Marie... More »

Even though the use of paper ballots for voting dates back to the second century B.C., the first modern voting booth was used in Lockport, New York, in 1892. The booth had a lever that the voter used to draw the curtain ... More » History Inventions

The history of microwave communication begins with Western Union sending the first successful microwave message between New York and Pennsylvania in 1945 and continues to the present day, according to DPS Telecom. Since ... More »

The first patented bra was invented in 1913 by New York socialite Mary Phelps Jacob. She called it a "brassiere," named after the French word for upper arm. More » History Inventions