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Wikipedia notes that the first documented telescopic rifle sight, commonly called a scope, was invented by Morgan James of New York between 1835 and 1840. The invention was documented by John R. Chapman, who teamed up with James to produce the Chapman-James sight.


Marin le Bourgeois developed the first flintlock gun, which is the predecessor to the rifle. Captain Patrick Ferguson of Pitfours, Scotland is known for inventing the first breech-loading rifle, which was used by the British Army in the American Revolutionary War in 1777.


Prolific inventor and mechanic Walter Hunt patented the repeating rifle in 1849. Hunt dubbed the gun the "Volitional Repeater" and later sold the rights to George Arrowsmith when he was unable to finance its production. The mechanics of the gun were then improved and the Jennings magazine rifle was


Eugene Morrison Stoner is credited with inventing the American M16 while working as chief engineer for ArmaLite. The M16 became the standard-issue assault rifle of the U.S. military in 1963.


According to the National Rifle Association National Firearms Museums, the first Winchester rifle was the Winchester Model 1866; it was heavily based on the Henry rifle. The Henry rifle was a .44 rimfire rifle with a 16-shot tubular magazine invented by B. Tyler Henry in 1860.


The first production model bolt-action rifle was developed by Johann Nikolaus von Dreyse in 1824. Calling it the Nadelgewehr, or "needle gun," Dreyse designed the rifle after years spent working on new breech-loading rifle models.


Choose the best rifle scope to enhance the visibility of the environment around your target. It would improve the accuracy of your aim. Blogger Read full profile Using a rifle scope makes it easier for someone learning how to shoot, as it is easier to line up the crosshairs when aiming. The rifle sc


Since the introduction of the flintlock musket, military small arms have gone through a series of significant changes over the years. Since the introduction of the flintlock musket in the 17th century, military small arms have gone through a series of significant changes over the years. One of the f


How to Adjust a Rifle Scope. Knowing how to properly adjust a rifle scope will pay dividends when it comes to getting consistent and accurate results during hunting or target practice. How you perform these adjustments will depend on what type of rifle scope you are using. How to Adjust a Rifle Scop


Refractory telescopes were invented in 1608. These telescopes eventually led to the development of optical rifle scope sights. A brief history of rifle scopes from their invention in 1835 to today is presented here.