The first artificial refrigerator was invented by renowned Scottish physician William Cullen in 1755. After the cumbersome device produced a small amount of ice through delicate, manual labor, refrigeration technology wa... More »

A solar refrigerator is a self-contained refrigeration unit powered entirely by solar energy and evaporation. It was invented to improve living conditions in the developing world, where electricity is not widely availabl... More » Home & Garden Appliances Refrigerators & Freezers

Although humans have used various techniques since prehistoric times to keep food cold, the ancestor of the modern refrigerator didn't arrive on the scene until 1748. A demonstration at the University of Glasgow by an in... More » Home & Garden Appliances Refrigerators & Freezers

The ice sport of curling was invented by the Scottish in the early 16th century. The first known written reference to the sport was from records at Paisley Abbey in Renfrewshire, Scotland. A curling stone inscribed with ... More » History Inventions

William Herschel is credited with discovering the planet Uranus in 1781. Herschel was using a telescope to search for comets when he came across the planet in the constellation Gemini. Once he recognized the object as a ... More » History Inventions

Feudalism, believed to be established by William the Conqueror, arose in Europe during the period known as the High Middle Ages, around the start of the 10th century. However, feudalism started at various other times thr... More »

Although William Playfair is often credited with having created the first bar graph around 1780, Nicole Oresme used a graph-like planar illustration in a 14th-century work to demonstrate the acceleration of an object ove... More »