The modern number system was invented by the Indians. Despite that, the numeral system used today is called Arabic or Hindu-Arabic because the Arabs were the ones to bring it to Europe. More »

The first use of numbers and counting cannot be traced to one specific individual in ancient times. It is unknown because learning to count is a discovery and not an invention. It is believed that numbers and counting we... More »

Brahmagupta, a Hindu mathematician and astronomer, first used a dot underneath other numbers to represent the number zero in 628 A.D. He was the first to develop additive and subtractive operations that use zero. More »

Early Indians made spears by chipping away at pieces of flint rock in order to create a sharp spearhead. Over time, the flint rock was replaced with copper. Spearheads were also created with animal bones. The spearheads ... More »

The United Kingdom has its own toll-free or "freephone" telephone number system, similar to the 800-number system in the US. It is usually designated by the prefix 0800 or 0808. More » Technology Mobile

The number one is not a prime number because it is the base unit of the number system, and the base unit has special properties that require it to be kept separate from the set of prime numbers. Therefore, prime numbers ... More » Math Algebra

Heinrich Goebel, a German inventor and mechanic, patented three inventions, including a sewing machine hemmer improvement, a Geissler system of vacuum pumps improvement and an electric incandescent lamp. The lamp patent ... More » History Inventions