Ancient Chinese individuals invented the game that most closely resembles the modern-day sport of soccer. Records of the original game, called "Tsu-Chu," date back to the 3rd century B.C. More »

The game of soccer was invented in China during the fourth century BC. While the game was different to its modern day form, two opposing teams tried to kick a ball made of feathers and hair between two poles. More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Classic Sports Soccer/Football

Although soccer was loosely played by the Chinese during the Han dynasty, it only became the modern sport that we know today through the efforts of the British. More »

Most snowboarding experts consider the true invention of the sport to have occurred in the 1960s. That is when Sherman Poppen created and began selling his Snurfer, a board designed for use in the snow. More » History Inventions

Recently discovered evidence suggests that the modern version of hockey was invented in England, instead of the popularly held belief that the sport's official birthplace is Canada, according to the book "On the Origin ... More » History Inventions

The sport of track and field, as an organized event that is recorded in history, dates back to the ancient Greeks and the Olympic Games of 776 B.C. The stadion, a 600-foot race, was won by a man named Koroibos. However, ... More »

Most French people consider football (known as soccer in the United States) their national sport. Others refer to tennis and cycling as the national sports of France, according to a Times of India article. More »