The decimal system was invented by Hindu mathematicians in India between the first and sixth centuries A.D. This system is sometimes also called the Hindu-Arabic numeral system because it was first introduced to European... More »

The first to use the decimal point was a German Jesuit, Christopher Clavius. However, it was popularized by the Scottish mathematician, John Napier. More »

A Dewey Decimal System handout describes how the Dewey Decimal System works. The handout may also be a worksheet with questions for students to answer as they learn about the system. The Dewey Decimal System is a way of ... More » Education

Three-fifths, otherwise written as 3/5, can also be written in decimal form as 0.6. Decimal form can be determined by dividing the numerator of a fraction by the denominator using a calculator. More »

Round a decimal to a specific place by looking at the digit to the immediate right. If that digit's value is less than five, the place value remains the same, but if it is five or greater, the place value increases by on... More » Math Arithmetic

Moving decimals is an easy method of multiplying numbers containing two numerals after a decimal, with a check at the end to ensure that the decimals are properly placed after the multiplication process is complete. All ... More »

Mathematics is a literally infinite field, and so many quirky or otherwise unusual facts about the subject have come to light over the centuries that humans have been studying it. Some of the best of these involve deeply... More »