Scrap paper prices in the United States in 2014 varied from $30 to $110 per megaton, according to Scrapmonster. The amount of money a person receives from recycling paper varies depending on the quantity, the type of pap... More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability

Each ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees and a multitude of other resources such as oil, water, landfill space and the energy used to produce paper. The average person in the United States uses approximately seven trees... More »

City recycling centers, such as the Middletown Recycling Center in Middletown, Connecticut, as well as recycling companies such as Hanna Paper and Waste Management offer paper recycling. Waste Management also has an onli... More »

Manufacturers purchase recycled materials for uses in paper, playgrounds, roads and carpeting. While the EPA sets limits on where recycled materials can be used, there are a wide variety of products that can be made from... More »

Depending on the recycling service, you can earn money for recycling by sending in recyclable materials to companies such as Essendant, TerraCycle and Mail In Mobile. Some companies only except certain items, and pay eit... More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability

Recycling saves money by reducing the costs of production during manufacturing through the use of already gathered raw materials. This reduction comes from reduced shipping costs, savings in disposal space and savings in... More »

ScrapRegister and Scrapmonster provide detailed listings of metal recycling prices across the country, including for brass. Local recyclers, such as Earthworks Recycling in Spokane, Washington, also offer price lists. More » Business & Finance Currency & Conversions