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Where to Sell Old Magazines and Newspapers. If you find yourself with a stack or box of old magazines that you’d like to sell, it’s a good idea to head over to your local used bookstore. Oftentimes, used bookstores buy and sell vintage magazines, comic books, and sometimes newspapers as well as books. ...


The newspapers don’t have to be ancient — just old enough to evoke nostalgic feelings in some people. Look for newspapers from at least 30 years ago, but experiment with newer ones if that’s what you have. 3 Ways to Make Money Using Old Newspapers. Once you’ve found some old newspapers, here’s how you can use them to make extra cash. 1.


Birthday Newspapers. Newspapers from the day you were born! An authentic, original (not a reprint), and complete birthday newspaper (not just the front page!) is a personal and unique gift for those relatives and friends in your life who seemingly have everything.


Whether you are packing for a move or need bulk newspaper for pet bedding or other projects, finding the amount of old newspaper you need can be an intimidating task. If you do not have the luxury of time to collect the newspapers that you need for your particular project, there are other options that can get you the right amount.


What is the Best Place or Way to Sell Historical Newspapers? - SuperTopo's climbing discussion forum is the world's most popular community discussion forum for people who actively climb outdoors.


I have an old newspaper from March 2, 1967 I wanted to know is this worth anything from The Detroit Free Press. Can this Paper be worth anything? Does anyone know where I can sell this paper at? Thanks...


Old newspapers can be used as: Flyswatters- just roll one section and aim for the fly Paper hats, if you know how to fold them A table or floor covering, if you are going to paint or otherwise ...


Timothy Hughes Rare & Early Newspapers offers the largest inventory of original historic newspapers for sale, all guaranteed authentic and all at great prices.


We wish to buy quality old paper items of historical and collectible value. It is impossible to list everything that we would consider buying but examples of what we buy include: Old paper advertising such as catalogs, brochures, booklets and related items on a wide range of subjects .


One of the things we found in my mom's house after she died was a stack of old historic newspapers. Throughout the years, she kept papers that had big events - like "Japs invade US" in 1941, "Kennedy Shot" from 1960, and stuff like that. We've got probably forty or fifty of them dating from 1940 - 1985. Any idea where we might be able to sell them?