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People who buy old magazines include magazine collectors, fans of celebrities and collectors of old advertisements. Old magazines are also popular gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and graduations.


There are several places that buy old televisions; the age and size of the television determines the correct place to take it. Companies such as Harry Poster buy vintage black and white televisions as well as color televisions.


Various retail shops and websites buy sports cards including eBay and other auction sites. Namely, Dave & Adam's Card World buys different sports cards online, and are willing to send sellers actual cash upon request. They also buy a number of other collectibles such as vintage toys and comic books.


Salvage yards and specialized companies buy junk cars. Salvage yards also collect and purchase usable scrap items and car parts. The types of cars purchased, their sales values and how they are used varies between yards.


An important tip when trying to find authentic pre-1974 Madame Alexander dolls is to ensure that the doll is still in its original packing, with the tags and the doll's original clothing. Original dolls also have Alexander markings on their back or head, and the doll character's name is usually sewn


In North America, buyers of junk tires are typically tire recycling companies, such as Liberty Tire Recycling, Global Tire Recycling and Phoenix Recycling Technologies. Recycled rubber tires are used, among other things, to make asphalt rubber.


Antique furniture can be sold to a private buyer through a garage sale or classified ad, or to a consignment store or used furniture dealer. A professional liquidator can assist with auctioning antique furniture or arranging an estate sale.


Vintage appliances are typically sought by consumers who appreciate the value, quality and durability of older appliances. Many consumers like the retro charm and character of vintage appliances.


Silver may be sold by the ounce to local jewelry stores or online to bulk commodity websites that specialize in precious metal acquisitions and sales. As always, sellers should consult multiple sources and compare prices prior to agreeing to a sale.


Gold can be sold by the ounce to Internet gold buying sites, such as CashForGold.com. Gold sites typically accept gold jewelry, broken gold, scrap gold and gold coins through the mail. The companies pay customers by the ounce or gram.