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This WP:list of lists may include both lists that distinguish between ethnic origin and religious practice, and lists that make no such distinction. Some of the constituent lists also may have experienced additions and/or deletions that reflect incompatible approaches in this regard.


Famous Jewish people. A list of famous Jewish people. The Jewish people are an ethno-religious group who originate from the historical Israelites. Many Jewish people also adhere to the religious faith of Judaism, but also people of Jewish ethnicity may cease to practise their ancestral religion.


The following is an list of famous Jews, in alphabetical order, notable followers of Judaism (either from birth or following conversion) or people who professed a Jewish cultural identity. The list includes people who distinguished themselves in the fields of religious scholarship, science, politics, literature, business, art, entertainment and sport amongst others.


Famous Jews and Famous Jewish People. There are many stereotypes of Jewish people. Some stereotypes are good and some are bad. The pervading characteristics that always seem to stand out in Jewish people are their intelligence and creativity.


AS WE CELEBRATE Shavuot, when the Jewish people received the Torah on Mount Sinai from Moses, the most famous Jew in history, we can only pray that those on our list use their influence to better ...


Zac Efron (born 1987), film/TV actor (Efron's paternal grandfather was Jewish, and Efron has referred to himself as Jewish) Alden Ehrenreich (born 1989), actor [54] Jesse Eisenberg (born 1983), film actor ( The Squid and the Whale ) [55]


Some of these celebrities were raised Jewish and some converted, but for all or most of them, their Jewish faith is certainly not the first thing that comes to mind. 1. Marilyn Monroe The famous ...


The list below is from the book The Jewish 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Jews of all Time (Citadel Press Book, 1994), written by Michael Shapiro. Shapiro is a noted composer who lives in New York. The book features excellent essays about each individual listed, noting accomplishments and discussion each person's influence.


The Jewish people are the source of some of the greatest thinking in history - religious and scientific.^The Jewish people are the source of some of the greatest thinking in history - religious and scientific.^The Jewish people have a long and colorful history. They are the source of some of the greatest thinking in history - religious and scientific.


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