Although historical accounts vary, there were anywhere from 705 to 713 surviving passengers of the RMS Titanic. Most of the survivors were female passengers from the ship's first-class section, children and crew members. More » History Modern History Industrial Revolution

Of all the passengers and crew on the Titanic, 1,517 people died during its sinking. This number made up approximately 68 percent of all of the people on board of the ship during its maiden voyage. Of the total casualty ... More »

On April 10, 1912, 2,228 people boarded the Titanic. Of those, 1,343 of these people were passengers and 885 people were members of the crew. More »

Some notable passengers on the RMS Titanic included Benjamin Guggenheim, John Jacob Astor IV and Molly Brown. While Guggenheim and Astor both died at sea after the Titanic struck an iceberg, Brown survived aboard a lifeb... More » History Modern History

The RMS Titanic had some of the finest amenities available for its first-class passengers, one of which was a top-of-the-line gymnasium. According to the National Museums Northern Ireland, the first-class exercise room c... More »

The Titanic provided several important lessons: it demonstrated the unprecedented capabilities of human watercraft engineering, and uncovered fatal flaws in ship design and safety. Ideas for creating the Titanic began du... More »

The Titanic sank because it hit an iceberg and was not able to stay afloat as it took on water. The impact with the iceberg punctured the hull in five separate compartments that were not watertight; these compartments ha... More »