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The head growth not only develops on the top of the head (like an oranda), but it also grows on the cheeks and gill plates. As your goldfish age, their head growths will become much more defined (and can get quite large). Again, this unique characteristic shouldn’t be confused with common goldfish diseases.


HELP! My little goldfish has been slowly growing a small now medium sized growth on it's head. It is white and hard. I first thought it was some sort of cottony fungus until I reached a q-tip in there to apply medicine to the area and found it was not a fungal growth because it was hard and didn't seem to have characteristics like one.


Hello, My Golf Fantail, Herbert, has a large white bump on the top of his head. I was wondering how I could get rid of it? I have had him for roughly a year and he started getting the bump about 5 months ago.


My goldfish has developed a white lump on his head which is now raised about 2mm and about 2mm long. He is in good health in all other ways, eating and swimming around normally and my water is good quality when tested. Sadly, my other goldfish died a few weeks ago who always seemed perfectly healthy and I do not know why.


Where is the fish now? Can you measure the length, width & height of the tank? This will give us the gallons. Although petco uses strips to test their water, you can atleast get a somewhat general idea of your tank parameters if you bring them a sample of your water.


I've noticed a small white lump on one of my goldfish earlier. Unfortunately I cannot manage to get a picture, but I googled "white lump on goldfish" and found a pic which looks identical to this one (below) albeit 1 and not 3 Its acting normal and doesn't appear to be in any distress. Checked my water readings ph: 8.0 Nitrate 0 Amonia 0 Nitrite 0


My comet goldfish has a bump on his head. By Damian's Jungle, 2 years ago on Cold Water Fish. 7,688 7.7K. My comet goldfish has a bump on his head. My gold fish developed a bum on his head. He was okay yesterday I just came from school and barely notice it can you guys pleas help he is 4 years old I don't want to lose him ... White and red ...


It’s easy to tell when a goldfish has a tumor. A small lump starts to grow on the fish, usually on the head or body. The growth may be pink, whitish or even black. It could be lumpy like cauliflower or smooth. Sometimes the fish won’t eat or seems depressed. Treatment & Prevention:


Q: Over the past two years, a growth has been growing on the side of my six-year-old goldfish.To add to this, I can now see white spots starting on his head and nose. He is in good swimming form ...


White spot disease can get downright scary as parasites quickly multiply. But don’t confuse this nasty infection with breeding tubercles on male goldfish. If white spots are only concentrated on the gill covers and head, your goldfish are ready for loving action. Ich attacks all over.