White gold, especially in some jewelry pieces, may turn yellow over time when its rhodium plating gradually wears off. Rhodium plating is the preferred plating method used on most white gold rings because it is a pure wh... More »

Aside from never using the item, it is nearly impossible to prevent some white gold pieces from turning yellow. This is particularly true for jewelry. White gold jewelry, especially rings, has a tendency to gradually tur... More »

There are no markings or hallmarks that are specific to white gold as opposed to yellow or rose gold. Jewelry markings or hallmarks typically include the metal stamp or carat weight, the manufacturer, designer or any tra... More »

Rhodium plating is done on jewelry items to provide a protective coating that increases the longevity of the jewelry. It helps to reduce how quickly the metal underneath the rhodium starts to tarnish. Rhodium plating als... More »

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To clean tarnished white gold, gather a bowl, mild dish soap, warm water, baking soda, a soft toothbrush, and a microfiber towel or jewelry polishing cloth. Soak the white gold item in soap and water, apply baking soda, ... More »

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White gold is scratch-resistant, but the color fades over time, whereas yellow gold causes fewer allergic reactions, but needs more polishing. While white gold is stronger than yellow gold, it does not match certain skin... More »

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White vinegar is a solution that can be used to clean gold. Soaking the gold in the vinegar for up to 20 minutes then rubbing with a soft cloth can restore its natural sheen. More »