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You should look for jewelry made from solid gold that is between 10 and 18 karats, or about 40 to 75 percent gold. Pure gold is not a great choice, especially for pieces you wear every day (such as wedding bands), and it is also impossible to have pure white gold!


A. Rhodium is a very precious metal; rhodium can cost ten times as much as gold or more! Although Rhodium is generally not considered a feasible material to make jewelry from, because it is stressed & brittle, and very difficult to "work" properly for jewelry making, and its price is terribly volatile, Rhodium is fabulous as a plating for jewelry because it is glitteringly, dazzlingl...


The other day a customer came in witha ringshe purchased about a year ago. She asked me, "Is it just me, or does this look like my white gold ring is turning yellow to you too?" Before I could answer, shepromptly informed me the storewhere shepurchased it told her it was 14kt white gold. She felt sh


We got letters from customers asking why their gorgeous white gold wedding band or the prongs of their engagement ring and studs are turning yellow. The quick answer is: it's normal. Now, sit back with a cup of tea and your yellowing-yet-still-beautiful jewelry in your palm, and keep reading for the longform answer… What is white gold anyway?


If a piece of jewelry sold as white gold has a perfectly white color, with not a single hint of yellow, chances are you are looking at rhodium plating. Rhodium plating might be good for giving white gold its color, but this coating is not eternal. Your jewelry is exposed to friction and stress every day, which wear it away.


Say your Diamond Engagement Ring is Yellow Gold and all your other Jewelry is White Gold. You may want to have that Ring Plated White so it matches the others. Sometimes people just tire of Yellow Gold and want to try a whole new look. White Gold and other White Metals have been very popular and a lot of people are making the switch to White!


The oils in your skin will cause the parts of jewelry touching your skin to turn yellow quicker, like the inside of rings. Salt water, chlorine, soaps, detergents, and lotions: All of these will start to wear off the rhodium plating. Rubbing: The more your white gold is being rubbed, the faster it will turn yellow, which is why rings turn ...


That’s why White Gold has a Yellowish cast to it, (see above photo) it’s really Yellow Gold to begin with! Once White Metals are added to the Gold, it’s then Rhodium Plated. Rhodium Plating. Rhodium Plating is a Tough White Metal that is Electroplated on top of the Gold so that the Yellow Disappears! Almost all White Gold Jewelry is ...


WHITE GOLD TURNING YELLOW. Ed. note; This is an interesting thread, and only one of many. But before you get too confused, you might want to start with our FAQ on Rhodium Plating and White Gold to get an overall tutorial understanding :-) 2006


Why your white gold ring turns yellow. Your white gold ring is really yellow gold that is alloyed with nickel or palladium to “bleach” the gold to a white color. Currently, the most common alloy of choice for the U.S jewelry industry is nickel.