White fungus on palm trees is actually webbing that is left by the spiraling whitefly. The flies create cotton-like white nests underneath the fronds of the palm trees. The nests are often mistaken for fungus. More »

A tree fungus infects a tree by entering it through a wound or weak spot and producing growths such as mushrooms or shelf-like structures called conks. These fungal structures can appear on the limbs, trunk or root syste... More »

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Numerous species of fungi can affect evergreen trees, most of which require their own unique methods for treatment and control. Some of the more common problems and diseases caused by evergreen fungi include root rot, bl... More »

According to Gardening Know How, an important factor in growing healthy areca palm trees indoors is providing sufficient sunlight. They grow best from a south or west-facing window that provides bright, indirect light. More »

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From the fossil records, it appears that palm trees are originally from the Mediterranean. There is evidence of palm trees as far back as 56 million years ago. More »

Treating fungal disease in palm trees is accomplished by understanding its underlying causes, then applying treatments that may include fertilizer, horticultural oil and fungicide. There are many different types of palm ... More »

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Florida Palm Trees, Palmantics and All Types of Palm Trees are websites with pictures of palm trees from around the world. There are over 2,000 types of palm trees. Specific types of palm trees can be found on Google Ima... More »

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