Spiritually, a white feather is typically seen as a sign from the angel or spirit of a loved one who has passed on. White feathers symbolize faith and protection and are most significant when found in a spot where they a... More »

A black feather is often viewed as relating to negative energy, but that relationship can be a warning of negative energy to come or a protection against negative energy already in place. This color feather can also symb... More »

A pure black feather means that the person who sees it has true mystical wisdom. There are several variations of this based on other attributes of the black feather, as well as certain beliefs. More »

A feather tattoo can have a number of meanings. Feathers are symbols of elegance and beauty and are popular with both men and women. Feather tattoo meanings also vary between cultures. More »

Beginning in the 1960s, the upside-down peace sign became a symbol of Earth-centered unity and worldwide peace. During this time period, the symbol was closely associated with the hippie movement. More »

Nautical stars, especially as used in tattoos, are primarily associated with sailors and sailing, where the design represents the North Star, its use in navigation, and finding one's way home. Blue typically indicates th... More »

White owls appear in many different kinds of mythology, most prominently as a messenger of the gods or underworld. The white owl can also be present as a spirit animal, appearing in dreams or everyday life as a sign of t... More »