A white buoy with an orange square indicates information to boaters and other vessels. This information can be about the locality of marinas, campsites or other nearby locations. When a boater sees this buoy they can be ... More »

Companies that build custom boats include Newton Boats, which specializes in custom-built dive boats, fishing boats, patrol boats and research vessels; Padebco, with a customized range that includes 12- to 32-foot custom... More »

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The first step in buying a repossessed boat at a bank auction is to search for vessels being offered in this format. Two ways to locate these auctions is to search online at attorney websites that specialize in these tra... More »

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The differences between a yacht and a boat lie in the length, purpose and expense of the vessels, and these distinctions sometimes overlap. A boat is a watercraft that is used for pleasure, commercial or residential purp... More »

Accessories from Flexsteel Rv furniture include the Flexsteel square ottoman, Flexsteel foot replacement switch and Flexsteel pedestal replacement bearing kit. These Flexsteel products are available at Glastop.com in the... More »

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A maker's mark on pewter typically indicates the pewterer who made the piece, but marks may also be indicate ownership, a catalog number or the capacity for drinking vessels or measures. Pewter is a soft, easy-to-mark me... More »

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In nautical navigation, lighthouses use lateral markers to help seagoing vessels find safe pathways through the water. Ships and boats interpret messages based on the marker's position, numbering, shape, coloring and lig... More »