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White blood cells are vital components of the blood. Their role is to fight infection, and they are essential for health and well-being. A high white blood cell count may indicate that the immune ...


Hello I just got my lab results back and I have a white blood cell count of 3.2, mpv of 7.1, and absolute neutrop more Hello I just got my lab results back and I have a white blood cell count of 3.2, mpv of 7.1, and absolute neutrophils of 1478. What could be wrong?


A white blood cell count of 22,000 is too high. The normal range is between 4,500 and 10,000. Your doctor will conduct further tests to determine why your count is so high.


"What could cause high white blood cell count in a child?" ... In rare cases, a high white blood cell count can be a sign of a serious problem, most typically a blood cancer like a leukemia or a lymphoma. Even though this is not at all common, this is the reason that your pediatrician is being cautious and checking additional blood work. ...


White blood cells are created inside the bone marrow, the spongy tissue inside bones. There is an estimate as to what is a typical white blood cell count and what is too high or too low. A high WBC count is one sign that there is an infection, inflammatory disease, or an inflammatory process taking place somewhere in the body.


A high white blood cell count usually indicates: An increased production of white blood cells to fight an infection; A reaction to a drug that increases white blood cell production; A disease of bone marrow, causing abnormally high production of white blood cells; An immune system disorder that increases white blood cell production


My husband was diagnosed with CLL at age 65 in 1998. His white count was at 22,000. In 2002 he had a heart bypass which reduced his white count, and then in 2004 experienced heart rhythm problems ...


Answer (1 of 4): Normal values of a white blood cell count in adult males and females should range from around 4,500 to 10,000. Anything within this range is considered to be perfectly normal. Slightly elevated white blood cell counts can signify a small infection, which means that the body has increased the amount of white blood cells in your system to try and fight off the infection.


The doctor also said that the count was 22,000 Monday for the surgery. Apparently the white blood cell count was up all week, but they didn't notify the family until Thursday. They told my friend to return to have the blood retested this week on Wednesday (two days ago).


High white blood cell count does not mean a specific disease, but an indication of need for further medical evaluation. A normal white blood cell count is around 4,500 to 10,000 cells per microliter. These cells are just 1% by volume of the total blood in the body in absence of an infection.