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To organize bathroom cabinets, start by assigning each cabinet a different use, such as a medicine cabinet and makeup cabinet. After that, use a combination of storage containers and labeling to organize them.


Paint bathroom cabinets by removing the hardware, sanding the wood, priming the cabinets, and painting the doors and frame. The process brings new life to older cabinetry in the span of an afternoon.


Some strong brands manufacturing cabinets for small bathrooms include Ainsley, Apothecary, Otis, Simple Living and Westport Bay. These brands make a wide variety of bathroom cabinet types and styles, including a great many for smaller bathroom spaces. Offerings include over toilet shelf towers, comp


Medicine cabinets can come in wood, medium-density fibreboard or faux-wood frames with molding, corbels and beading. Most medicine cabinets have mirrored fronts. Some medicine cabinets are frameless but made out of anodized aluminum or other metal and have adjustable glass shelves and a mirrored int


The modern standard for bathroom cabinet height is 36 inches. However, bathroom vanities can vary in height between 32 and 43 inches.


Mostly white decor such as a white tub, toilet, window frames and architecture goes perfectly well with white bathroom cabinets. However, you can break up the white with a golden-brown marble or granite vanity top, a dark wood door with glass panels and dark metal hanging lights and wall sconces. Yo


Some finishes available for wooden bathroom cabinets include burnished, highlighted, painted, stained and vintage finishes. Additional finishes include paint with glaze, stain with glaze and thermofoil finishes.


To install wall-mounted bathroom cabinets, remove the doors. Hold the cabinets in place against the bathroom wall, and trace around the bottom edge and bottom corners to create an installation guide. Remove the cabinets. Locate the studs, and mark the locations on the wall above and below the cabine


One unique bathroom vanity cabinet looks like a wine barrel fit with a round copper sink and fixtures made of brushed bronze. The barrel has ample storage space, and the door pull is in the shape of a bunch of grapes.


An under-cabinet can opener is a small electric appliance that can be mounted beneath an upper kitchen cabinet, and is used to open canned foods. The advantages of an under-cabinet can opener are twofold: they do not take up counter space and, being electric, they easily open canned foods.