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The whining noise mostly arises due to a loose power steering belt. When you take a turn, the belt travels through the steering wheel pump's pulley. When it has gone loose, it does not follow its normal trajectory over the pulley but slips. This happens when the tension on it increases during a turn. That causes the whining noise.


Under normal circumstances, no steering wheel makes noise when turning.It will run smoothly when you turn a corner. However, if there is any problem with the engine or other parts, the car will make different types of noises. Remember that taking a turn involves the operation of many internal components.


Top 9 Causes of Steering Wheel Noise When Turning. When there’s a problem with a component in the suspension or steering system, they’ll have trouble supporting the vehicle’s heavy weight. They must also be able to move in the ways they’re supposed to. Although lubrication will help preserve their lifespan, these parts will fail eventually.


A whistling sound when driving a car, including the 2000 Camry, might mean that the alternator belt is too tight. ... The cause of the squealing sound is because you are turning the steering wheel ...


Hint: If the noise is very high-pitched, check the alternator. If it is a lower, medium-high-pitch sound that changes some when you turn the wheels, check the power steering pump. If it is almost like a moan or a "Whooo" sound, that's the transmission pump.


I thought it was during slow speeds for a while but it doesn't matter if im stationary, moving slowly or going around a corner at 50kmh etc, when im turning my steering wheel to the right I can hear this whistling type sound from around my steering wheel, sounds like its coming from within the column somewhere.


How to Fix Squeaking Steering Wheel once and for ll. Does your steering wheel when turn sound like rubber rubbing on rubber? Well here is how to fix it once and for all in matter of minutes.


Hi everyone when I turn my steering wheel say starting at 90 degrees all the way round to full lock I get this strange like low whistling sound, almost tweeting noise, I tend to have my radio on most of the time but didn't today. Just wondering if that is the norm cause not sure I have heard it before.


When you turn your steering wheel, the power steering pump has to work to help your wheels turn so it makes sense that you are hearing the noise when turning or accelerating around a corner. The first thing to do is check your fluid level.