Uranus takes 17 Earth hours to rotate. It takes 84 Earth years for it to orbit around the sun, and it rotates horizontally. More »

For maximum effect, ceiling fans rotate clockwise in cold weather months and counter-clockwise in warmer months. The proper direction contributes to energy efficiency when a room is heated or cooled. More »

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When a car's tires are rotated, the tires on the drive wheels should be moved to the non-powered axle, while the other tires are swapped left-to-right and installed on the drive wheels. This helps distribute the wear eve... More »

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According to NASA, Saturn makes a complete rotation about every 10.7 hours, and it rotates the same direction as Earth does, just a lot faster. More »

A year on Uranus is equivalent to 84 Earth years, as it takes that long for Uranus to make one revolution around the sun. A day on Uranus is equivalent to about 17 Earth hours. More »

Uranus is the smallest of the gas planets, but its diameter of 51,118 kilometers is still four times longer than the Earth's, according to Universe Today. The volume of Uranus is massive, as it could hold 63 Earths insid... More »

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Both Earth and Uranus are spherical, orbit the sun and tilt on their axes. Though the time to orbit the sun by the Earth is a year, it takes Uranus 84 Earth years to do the same. More »