The People's Party, or Populists, as they were known, advocated for a wide array of progressive causes from the free coinage of silver to statehood for the District of Columbia and women's suffrage. Their platform was co... More »

The Populist party supported the farmers living in the Midwest and the Southern regions of the United States who were experiencing a lack of credit options, falling farm prices and crop failures. The party was also known... More »

Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s accomplishments include helping to establish the first women’s rights organizations, campaigning for women’s suffrage and other social reforms, and writing several influential essays, including t... More »

The People's Party, or Populist Party, was a 19th century American political group mainly comprised of Southern white farmers hoping to counteract the political dominance of the wealthy. The Populist movement was heavily... More »

Also referred to as the people’s party, the Populists believed more power should be given to the government. The Populists were an independent political party of middle class activists that consisted of farmers and labor... More »

In the United States, women universally gained the right to vote, called women's suffrage, on Aug. 26, 1920, through the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Eight million women exercised their right to vote during t... More »

Helen Keller was a notable social activist who took on issues such as women's suffrage, pacifism and birth control. She helped found the American Civil Liberties Union in 1920. More »