According to the American Bar Association, the purpose of bail is to make sure the defendant appears for trial and all pre-trial hearings. Bail is the amount of money defendants must pay to be released from custody befor... More »

A personal recognizance, or PR bond, is the release of a defendant without any bail, according to Boulder County government in Colorado. While there is a dollar amount assigned to the bond, the fee is waived and the defe... More »

A Rule 8 hearing is a criminal procedure in the court systems of the state of Minnesota. It governs the rules of second appearances in court for felony and gross misdemeanor cases. More »

A bail bond is money put up to ensure that a defendant appears in court to face his charges. If a defendant is ordered held before trial, he may deposit money with the court in exchange for remaining free. A bail bondsma... More »

The responsibilities of a public defender include representing clients during criminal investigations, which include monitoring evidence gathering, attending police-line ups, attending bail hearings and trial representat... More » Government & Politics Law

What happens at a criminal court hearing depends on the type of hearing, but it can include informing the defendant of the nature of the charges, hearing pretrial motions, conducting the trial and sentencing the defendan... More »

Waiving the right to a preliminary hearing gives the court permission to send the defendant's case directly to trial, according to Rule 541 of the Pennsylvania Code. To initiate a waiver, the defendant agrees in writing ... More »