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Countries in the Eastern hemisphere include the other half of Antarctica, all of Asia and Australia and most of Europe and Africa. Since the Prime Meridian and the Equator are used to divide the Earth into hemispheres, their measurements are zero degrees longitude and zero degrees latitude. ... Hemispheres is the United States Located United ...


The Northern Hemisphere includes all of North America, the northern reaches of South America, about two-thirds of Africa, all of Asia excluding (parts of Indonesia) and all of Europe. The Southern Hemisphere includes most of South America, one-third of Africa, all of Antarctica, a small sliver of Asia (parts of Indonesia) and all of Australia/Oceania.


The United States is in the northern and western hemispheres, though some of the. Aleutian Islands are in the eastern hemisphere. Attu Island, Alaska, is the most "westerly" at 172°54′33.84″E.


What hemisphere is the United States in? The Equator, or line of 0 degrees latitude, divides the Earth into the Northern and Southern hemispheres. The Northern Hemisphere contains North America, the northern part of South America, Europe, the northern two-thirds of Africa, and most of Asia.


The Western Hemisphere is a geographical term for the half of Earth which lies west of the prime meridian (which crosses Greenwich, London, United Kingdom) and east of the antimeridian.The other half is called the Eastern Hemisphere.. As an example of totum pro parte, the term Western Hemisphere is widely used by the United States government to mean the Americas.


Hemisphere means half of a sphere, so there are four overlapping hemispheres. The US is in both the northern hemisphere (meaning it's north of the equator) and the western hemisphere (meaning it's west of the Prime Meridian which crosses Greenwich in the UK)


The Northern Hemisphere is the half of Earth that is north of the Equator. For other planets in the Solar System, north is defined as being in the same celestial hemisphere relative to the invariable plane of the solar system as Earth's North Pole.


Along with the rest of the United States, Texas is located on the Western Hemisphere, as it lays west of the Prime Meridian and the Northern Hemisphere, as it is north of the Equator. Asked in ...


As you move away from the equator—either north or south—distinct seasons are experienced that become more extreme as you travel beyond 40 degrees of latitude. This is most notable in the heavily populated Northern Hemisphere as the 40th parallel bisects the United States and runs across Europe and Asia along the Mediterranean Sea.


This feels like a troll question, but I️ can’t be sure. Atlanta is a city in the State of Georgia. Georgia is in the United States of America (or south of Russia if you’re thinking of the wrong Georgia). All of the USA is above the Equator, making...