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Engagement and wedding rings are traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand in many Western cultures, including the United States and much of Europe. In India, Spain, Peru, Norway and Denmark, couples wear rings on the fourth finger of the right hand.


In America, an engagement ring is typically worn on the ring finger of the left hand. It is socially acceptable, however, to wear the ring on either hand. The ring is worn with or without a wedding band after the wedding.


The amount of time it takes to size an engagement ring varies depending on which store or jeweler is doing the work. Some online stores, such as Antique Jewelry Mall, advertise that ring sizing normally takes five to seven business days to be completed by their experts. Other websites say it takes a


A diamond engagement ring can be sold to individuals through an online auction, classified advertisements or to a business that accepts used diamond jewelry, such as a jeweler or pawnbroker.


To design your own engagement ring, begin by choosing the shape of the diamond. Other important decisions include carat size, cut, color and clarity. Finally, choose the setting you want for the ring.


Engagement rings are generally covered under extensions to homeowners insurance or under specific jewelry insurance that may sometimes be available where the ring was purchased. It is recommended that consumers get quotes and compare policies from several insurers before purchasing any insurance pol


Some unique engagement ring ideas include an art deco antique ring, a center stone other than a traditional diamond and fancy details in the place of a large stone. These and many other ideas are available at HarpersBazaar.com.


Options to finance your engagement ring include obtaining a loan from relatives or friends, searching for jewelry stores that offer financing plans, or getting a personal loan with a low fixed rate, according to Credit.com. Be sure your credit score meets the loan criteria, and read the contract car


The history of engagement rings and wedding rings goes back to pre-history, during which some early humans would tie braids of grass around their mate's wrists and ankles. Later on, the ancient Egyptians gave their spouses gold or silver wire rings, which would then be placed on their third finger o


Traditionally the engagement finger is worn on the fourth finger on the left hand. In some parts of Europe it is worn on the fourth finger of the right hand.