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It turns out that Puffins uses pure oats, brown rice, and corn pillows to make the cereal both gluten-free and dairy-free. Moreover, it's low-fat, fiber-rich, and cholesterol-free, so if any of these has been a concern, there you go! Excited about exploring the 10 gluten-free cereals you didn't know about? So am I.


Gluten-free Cheerios exist because the people who make them care deeply about what they do. Meet the team behind the project and see how they make gluten-free Cheerios possible. We’re always working to keep Cheerios gluten-free.


1. Chex Cereals by General Mills. Chex cereals are one of the most popular brands on the market today, and General Mills makes Chex in Vanilla, Chocolate, Corn, Honey Nut, and Rice varieties that are gluten-free, as well as a gluten-free granola. Look for the ‘Gluten-Free’ label on the left side of the cereal box, just to make sure.


Gluten-free cereals are harder to find at the grocery store than you might think. It isn't simply a matter of checking a label to make sure it doesn't have wheat, barley, or rye on the label. Here are a list of cereals that are gluten-free and some places that you can get them.


General Mills recalls some of its Cheerios products. General Mills is calling its cereals due to an incident that introduced wheat into its gluten-free products.


Most Chex cereals now come gluten-free, making Chex (a General Mills product) one of the most popular gluten-free cold cereal options. General Mills makes Chocolate, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Fruit & Oats, Corn, Honey Nut and Rice Chex gluten-free, although reports from readers indicate that not all stores carry all flavors.


Nowadays there’s no shortage of gluten free cereals. Like most foods, the foods on this gluten free cereal list come in all levels of nutritional value — high fiber, low carb, whole grain — pretty much any dietary criteria you can think of. That said, gluten free or not, most cereals are loaded with carbohydrates and sugar.


Chex, which is produced by General Mills, has several gluten-free cereal varieties. For those who prefer unsweetened cereal, long-time favorites Corn Chex and Rice Chex are gluten free. If a sweeter cereal is desired, then Honey Nut, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Apple-Cinnamon and Chocolate Chex offer a sweet breakfast experience without gluten. Unlike ...


The gluten-free Cheerios products will be clearly marked for consumers. Again, you’ll start seeing them on the shelves in July. Subscribe to “A Taste of General Mills” by email – here – and we’ll notify you about our latest posts.


General Mills’ gluten free products hold a special place in the hearts of many. Here’s what we’ve heard: “Thank you for looking out for those of us who can’t eat gluten.” “I have celiac disease and have been eating gluten-free for 12 years. I’ve tried several brands of gluten-free oatmeal and yours is the best!