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Things that do not belong worksheet for preschool and kindergarten students. Students cross out the objects which do not belong to the group. Part of a collection of free kindergarten activity worksheets from K5 Learning. No registration required.


What Belongs Worksheets Students determine what belongs in the group and what doesn't. This is where comparison skills really start to take off. ... Things That Do And Don't Belong With A Theme Worksheets - This worksheet set has students determine themes. ... Trees and Water - Cross out what does not belong in the tree and underwater.


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What Does Not Belong? Worksheet 2 Author: T. Smith Publishing Subject: Cross off the picture that does not belong in the group Keywords: kindergarten worksheet; basic skills; identifting things that are the same; fine motor skills; does not belong; T. Smith Publishing; www.tlsbooks.comwhatdoesnotbelong2; item 3880 Created Date: 8/28/2006 9:51:49 PM

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Order of Operations Center--Which One Doesn't Belong Students will be given a group of expressions to simplify using order of operations and will need to find the expression that does not belong because it has a different answer. You can use this as a station in your math classroom or use it in s


Each row on this worksheet has four pictures. The pictures all have something in common except for one picture that does not belong! Kids circle the odd picture out. This worksheet lets kids practice comparing and sorting common objects according to physical attributes or other characteristics, which is an investigation skill used in science.


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This is Which One Doesn't Belong?, a website dedicated to providing thought-provoking puzzles for math teachers and students alike.There are no answers provided as there are many different, correct ways of choosing which one doesn't belong. Enjoy!


A firefighter and a firetruck go together, but what about a firefighter and a spoon? Children test their community helper know-how and use their critical thinking skills to select the odd picture out. Be sure to complete Which of These Things Is Not Like the Other? (Part Two) as well.


What Does Not Belong School Preschool. Displaying top 8 worksheets found for - What Does Not Belong School Preschool. Some of the worksheets for this concept are What does not belong, Preschool, Find and b b b b b b g g g g g g d d d d d d v v v, Preschool sunday school central activity book, What does not belong work 2, Work which word doesnt belong, Phonemic awareness kindergarten and first ...