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This is a quiz where you have to choose the item that doesn't belong or fit in the group.


One of the four options does not belong with the rest. Take this quiz! Which color does not belong? Which animal does not belong? Witch country does not belong?


Maybe you don't understand how to take the quiz. You have to choose the one option in the category that does not belong based on an unstated criterion. All of the cities listed in question 2 are US cities, yes, but three of them are also capitals of US states. The one that is not a state capital is the correct answer.


Test your knowledge on this just for fun quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. Quiz by slegary play quizzes ad-free. Random Quiz. Quizzes. Popular; Badges ... Just For Fun Quiz / One of these things does not belong... Random Just For Fun Quiz Can you name the thing that doesn't belong? by slegary Plays Quiz not verified by ...


4/10.WOW!I knew I wasn't doing good,but I thought I got more then 4.I wasn't into a lot of these like Scooby Doo,Winnie The Pooh(although I did get that one right).The Smurfs came out in the 80's.I was an adult by then.Groovie Goolies and Josie and her Pussycats were on one season I think.And finally I can't believe I got my spaceage,Stoneage bosses mixed up.😌


Choose the one that does not belong with the others. Quiz by joez Profile Quizzes Subscribed Subscribe? Last updated: January 15, 2019 ... Cool quiz! I'll probably feature it. ... Avoided because that would mean the other three's group is "things that are not noble gases," which is not very exclusive at all.


Has it been recently enough that you'll remember what character belongs to what movie? Take this quiz and find out! Quiz: Which of These Disney Characters Does Not Belong With the Others? Animals; Cars, Trucks & Engines; TV, Film & Music ... Which of these characters does not belong in the animated romance movie "Lady and the Tramp?" Trusty ...


Here is a fun game where you figure out which word is the least like the other ones. Some require knowledge while others require logic. Have fun! You have 5 minutes to answer all 10 questions.


Think you can pick out the one character from each sitcom below that does not belong, and never appeared on the show? We've mixed in actual characters from other sitcoms and spin-offs to try and fool you, but we have a hunch you could I.D. all these characters in your sleep. Only the most loyal sitcom viewers can score 8/10.


Circle, circle, circle, arrow ... what doesn't belong? In this interactive categorization game, kids figure out what is the same about three of the things, and find the one that is different. Perfect for practicing important sorting and categorization skills, this quiz helps children master foundational math skills.