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This is Which One Doesn't Belong?, a website dedicated to providing thought-provoking puzzles for math teachers and students alike.There are no answers provided as there are many different, correct ways of choosing which one doesn't belong. Enjoy!


Here is a fun game where you figure out which word is the least like the other ones. Some require knowledge while others require logic. Have fun! You have 5 minutes to answer all 10 questions.


Which one doesn't belong? Your preschoolers will find out with this fun interactive math game! With this resource, children get practice sorting and categorizing shapes, numbers, letters and more as they determine which image isn't like the others.


Take the Quiz: Which One Doesnt Belong?. Four things are given in each question. Your job is to figure out which thing is not like the other three things. Hints to the correct answer are given in parentheses at the end of each question.


When she figures out what doesn’t belong, take a look at the items in her shoebox. Model your thinking like you did in Step 1 until you find the object that doesn’t fit. The more practice you have with this game, the easier it will be to find what doesn’t belong.


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In this interactive whiteboard game, students will be provided with 4 pictures and have to choose the picture that does not belong. For additional expressive language practice, have students describe why the picture they chose does not belong with the others.


Which One Doesn't Belong? Shapes Find a reason why each one does not belong. Shape 1 from Mary Bourassa. Shape 2 from Mary Bourassa. Shape 3 from Mary Bourassa. Shape 4 from Chris Hunter Link. Shape 5 from Isabelle Bourassa. Shape 6 from Matt Owen. Shape 7 from Cathy Yenca. Shape 8 from Cathy Yenca. Shape 9 from Cathy Yenca.


Kindergarten math lesson 3-Looking at objects and finding with one does not belong. Be sure to visit www.motion-tutor.com for more videos organized by lessons with games and activities relating to ...