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The Dionne quintuplets (French pronunciation: ; born May 28, 1934) are the first quintuplets known to have survived their infancy.The identical girls were born just outside Callander, Ontario, near the village of Corbeil.All five survived to adulthood. The Dionne girls were born two months premature.After four months with their family, custody was signed over to the Red Cross who paid for ...


The tragic lives of the Dionne sisters, the world's first quintuplets, has been laid bare by one of the surviving sisters who now lives in a meagre care home after being robbed of all her money by ...


2 Survivors of Canada’s First Quintuplet Clan Reluctantly Re-emerge. Image. Annette, left, and Cécile, the only remaining sisters of the Dionne quintuplets, in Montreal last month.


Assuming you mean the Dionne quintuplets, 2 are still alive, Annette and Cecile. Emilie died in August of 1954 at age 20. She suffocated during an epileptic seizure.


The Dionne quintuplets (born May 28, 1934) are the first quintuplets known to survive their infancy.The sisters were born just outside Callander, Ontario, Canada near the village of Corbeil.. The Dionne girls were born two months premature.After four months with their family, they were made wards of the King for the next nine years under the Dionne Quintuplets' Guardianship Act, 1935.


The Dionne quintuplets' guardians capitalized on their novelty in almost every way imaginable: their likenesses were used to sell books, corn syrup, and oatmeal, among other products, and paper and porcelain dolls were manufactured to resemble them. They even starred in three feature films.


Full Circle: The Untold Story of the Dionne Quintuplets (1998), directed by Maya Gallus. Documentary. James Brough, Annette Dionne, Cecile Dionne, Marie Dionne and Yvonne Dionne, We Were Five: The Dionne Quintuplets’ Story from Birth through Girlhood to Womanhood (1965).


Allan Roy Dafoe with the Dionne quintuplets in 1938. ... Today, only two of the sisters are alive. Annette and Cécile lived together in Ontario until recently, but Cécile’s poor health condition has made her a permanent ward of the state in a seniors’ home in Montreal North.


The Dionne quintuplets, who drew world attention in the 1930's and became the subject of three Hollywood films, were sexually abused by their father for years, the three surviving sisters have ...


When a poor rural Ontario family gives birth to quintuplets, the babies are turned into a freak show and become a multi-million dollar industry. Lorsqu’une pauvre femme de la campagne ontarienne ...