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About two dozen countries provide free tuition or nearly-free tuition at public colleges and universities to their citizens. Some restrict the free tuition to citizens, while others also provide free tuition to all international students or a subset, such as free tuition for all European Union (EU) citizens.


6 Countries with Virtually Free College Tuition . FACEBOOK TWITTER LINKEDIN By Lisa Goetz. Updated May 9, 2019 . The staggering cost of higher education in the United States has many prospective ...


7 countries where college is free ... studying in the country, do not have to pay any college tuition. Be forewarned, however, of the harsh winters and high cost of living. ... that even some of ...


New York now offers free tuition at public colleges and universities. But some European countries have offered debt-free college for years — thanks to taxes.


Scandinavia is a cluster of countries with free college. Sweden, Norway and Denmark all have free college, but there’s a catch. Only Sweden and Norway have free college for Americans. Want to study in Denmark as an American? You’ll need to pay tuition unless you’re on an exchange program or you have a tie to Denmark or the EU.


We’re going to list 11 countries with universal healthcare and free college, just in case you might want to emigrate, grouping them together depending on the area, kicking things off with Europe ...


The countries offering free college education are also home to some of the best public universities in the world. Other countries that provide free education include Finland, Sweden, Czechia, Greece, and Spain. The Nordic countries draw in many international students despite the high costs of living in the countries.


The countries below with the red arrows offer free college, with the exception of the US. There are other European countries that offer free college, but the countries below are the most well ...


Countries. In Brazil, free education is offered by the Ministry of Education, which offers scholarships for graduate degrees, masters, doctoral and post-doctoral for Brazilians and immigrants who have Brazilian citizenship.The best universities and research centers are public institutions, financed by either the local state (state universities) or the federal government (federal universities).


New York is making college free for middle-class students. In Europe, some countries have been offering similar benefits for years.