The sperm whale is the animal with the largest brain, which weighs about 18 pounds. The mature adult brain of the sperm whale can grow to a size of approximately 500 cubic inches. Its brain mass is only 0.02 percent of i... More »

Measuring 11 inches across or more, the eyes of the colossal squid are the largest of any animal in the world. Marine scientists in New Zealand studying a carcass of one creature in 2007 recorded the measurement of the e... More »

The blue whale is the animal that produces the biggest offspring. According to National Geographic, baby blue whale calves emerge from their mothers' wombs with a weight around 3 tons and a length of 25 feet. More »

The animal with the largest brain is the sperm whale. Its brain weighs approximately 17 pounds and can grow to be nearly 500 cubic inches. More »

Some interesting facts about animals include that elephants have the largest brain of any mammal ever, many species of fish change gender depending on need, and beavers live 29-hour days during the winter. Because elepha... More » Pets & Animals Animal Reproduction

The way an animal takes care of its young is determined by the type and species of the animal. All birds lay eggs that they must protect and incubate, although this is accomplished in different ways based on the bird's s... More »

The colloquial name for the animal that results between the cross-breeding of a zebra and a donkey is zonkey. The scientific name for the offspring of a zebra and any other equine is zebroid. Other names for a zebra-donk... More » Pets & Animals Animal Reproduction