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Thinkstock. These similar creatures are both cephalopods and have three hearts in total, one systematic to go along with two “gill hearts” that force blood to the gills.


Outside of science fiction, none. Doctor Who’s people from Gallifrey are given two separate hearts. LIkewise the Centauri (Babylon 5). It makes some sense, because the human heart has two separate sets of chambers, for circulating blood through th...


Hearts have become iconic symbols of Valentine's Day, but when it comes to hearts in the real world, one size doesn't fit all — particularly in the animal kingdom. The human heart beats about 72 ...


there is more than one animal with multiple hearts, but the first thing that would bounce into my head is the ever-so-jumpy Frog. it has something called Lymph hearts, as well as a normal blood ...


Do any animals have two hearts? Cephalopods like squid and octopus usually have three hearts: One systemic heart that pumps blood through the rest of the body after the hearts have pumped it to the gills, where oxygen is taken up. And then some animals have no heart at all.


Squids and octopuses have three hearts. Earthworms have aortic arches and are said to have "5 hearts". There are no living animals or animals listed in fossil records as having two hearts.


Crocodiles, birds, and mammals have double heart( heart with two atria and two ventricles). In invertebrates, take the case of an earthworm. It has lateral hearts and laterooesophageal hearts. In sepia, there are branchial hearts and ordinary blood pumping heart.


What Are Some Animals With More Than One Heart? Many cephalopods (including squids and octopuses) have three hearts, while earthworms have five hearts and hagfish have four. An operation exists in which a surgeon can put an additional heart into a human that can supplement the original.


Heart facts on animals (...and humans) ... Two brachial hearts on either side of the body oxygenate blood by pumping it through the gills. The systemic heart in the center of the body pumps oxygenated blood from the gills through the rest of the organism. 4 chambers. Only mammals, birds and crocodilians have anatomically separate ventricles.


Squids are the creatures that are born with 3 hearts in its body. The hearts are divided into 2 different functions; 1 is systemic while the other 2 are branchial hearts. Its 2 branchial hearts have the role of pumping blood to the gills. As for the systemic heart, it receives all the blood flow which it pumps to the rest of the body.