The countries and empires that fought in World War I included the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria. Other powers were Greece, Italy, Japan, Montenegro, Portugal Romania, R... More »

The countries that fought in World War II were Germany, Italy and Japan, which comprised the Axis Powers, and Britain, France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, the Soviet Union, China and the United States of Ameri... More »

World War I brought about a major change in how wars were fought by introducing both mechanization and technology to the battlefield. Aviation, submarines, chemical warfare, armored vehicles, tanks, machine guns and wire... More »

The major combatants in World War I were the Central Powers of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire versus the Allied Forces of Great Britain, France, the United States, Russia, Italy and Japan. In a... More »

During World War I, Germany, Austria and the other countries in the Ottoman Empire formed the Central Powers and fought against the Allied Powers, which consisted of Russia, Japan, Great Britain, Italy and France. The wa... More »

The Central Powers in World War I consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire. They were so-called because the four countries lay between Russia in the east and the United Kingdom and France in... More »

The United States entered World War I on April 6, 1917, joining the Allied Powers of Great Britain, France, Italy and Russia in the fight against the Central Powers of Germany, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman ... More »