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Pine cones are used by many to make crafts, potpourri and wreaths. Because not everyone who needs them has access to pine cones, buyers for pine cones abound. If you have pine cones at your disposal but have no use for them, there are several ways for you to make some extra money by selling them.


In 1979 I harvested cones near Missoula, Montana for Champion Timberlands, an industrial wood producer. At that time Champion paid $9 a bushel for ponderosa pine, $15 for Douglas fir, and $26 for ...


Essentials to look for in craft pine cones on eBay. Before you choose new or used craft pine cones for your project, some essentials to consider are: Accents: Craft pine cones may have glitter, paint, and other accents added. Coatings: Natural craft pine cones may be coated with a protective substance that adds a matte or shiny sheen. Scent ...


Selling Pine Cones. Another thing you could do is to contact the florists around you. They buy them in my area to make holiday center pieces. (09/09/2008) By Cathy. Selling Pine Cones. I would go to the florist wholesalers, and you could probably sell a lot. They may also buy pine cone wreaths.


13. Large Pine Cones . Seriously, a dozen large pine cones list for between $8 and $14. The best thing about this is if you live in the country, near woods or have pine trees on your property, they’re free! Pine cones are fairly lightweight, which makes them cheap to ship.


Pine Cones for sale and perfect for all your decorating needs. Buy Pinecones here and get our free shipping options. We have huge, big, large, long, small, baby, tiny, & mini pinecones. Check out all of the different varieties of pine cones that we have to present.


Pinecones can be easily be found in most places, so I gathered a few outstanding crafts for you and your kids to make. I hope you enjoy them! To make the painted pinecones above, go to Inspired Whims for the instructions.


There are crafters who live in areas that don't have good pine trees. Craft shops in larger cities are a good target, or better yet just list on eBay. If you sell on eBay, I would suggest selling them in lots of 2 dozen with a starting price of $2.00 or $3.00.


Premium Ponderosa Pine Cones - 16 Pack of Large Natural Unscented - Excellent for Crafting and Home Decor 3.5 to 5 inches Tall - 9-12 inches in Circumference - Perfect Pinecones for Crafts in Bulk 3.7 out of 5 stars 17


Beautiful pine cones, packaged with lots of care. I bought these for my son’s classroom at daycare and the teacher and kids loved them. They especially loved the paper that described what they were and where they were from. They will be using them for arts and crafts. Would 100% recommend the product and the seller.