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Collectible dolls can be found in specialty physical stores and online. Shopping online is a convenient way to look for dolls, as it allows you to peruse items from all over the world. Collectible dolls often have limited availability, so it may be hard to find the one you are looking for in a local


Doll collectors often buy and sell old or antique dolls, according to the National Antique Doll Dealers Association. Antique dolls are also available online on eBay.


The best place for selling dolls depends on whether the dolls being sold are antiques or handmade. Antiques are often sold through auction sites such as eBay or to special dealers, while handmade dolls are commonly sold through crafts sites such as Etsy.


Some online marketplaces where people can sell dolls are Blujay, Doll Sale Marketplace and iCollect247. The Blujay site is a free online classified marketplace where people can sell all types of dolls, other toys and many other items. Some dolls for sale at this site are Madame Alexander dolls, Hill


You can find a listing of collectible doll values in print resources such as Kovels.com's Antiques & Collectibles and Antique Trader Antiquities & Collectibles. Searching listings on eBay also provides information regarding value.


American Girl dolls are sold exclusively at American Girl stores. An American Girl store has mini-stores inside of the main store, such as a restaurant, bookstore and hair salon for dolls.


Specialty retail stores, such as DollyHair.com and RestoreDoll.com, sell doll hair. These stores supply doll hair and related items, such as doll hair needles, rerooting kits, repair kits and doll paints, to doll artists who create their own handmade dolls or doll collectors who undertake doll resto


As of 2016, popular African-American collectible dolls include the 1967 Black Francie doll, the 1980 Black Barbie doll and the 2009 Black Barbie Reproduction doll. The 1967 Black Francie doll was the first African-American doll made by Mattel for the Barbie fashion doll line that it launched with th


A set of Beatles dolls was released in 1964 by Remco. They were 5-inch dolls made from either plastic or rubber, and each of the Beatles came with his respective instrument, trimmed in gold and with his signature.


The Duck House Corporation started manufacturing porcelain collectible duck house dolls around 1989. Later it started producing vinyl dolls with the realistic look of babies. The dolls were of different styles such as brides, geishas, toddlers, fairies and Victorian dolls. Some came with matching st