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Quenepas were always served with a warning. The tough outer shell bursts easily between your teeth with just the slightest pressure revealing a slick, fleshy pulp clinging to a pit. The texture feels almost inappropriate, but the fruit tastes of sweet lime and roses.


Spanish Limes (Melicoccus bijugatusaka Quenepa, Genips, Wayas, Mamoncillos) are, despite their name, not a citrus fruit.Though they look a bit like small limes from the outside, they actually in the same family as lychees, longans and rambutans.Inside their thin, taut green skin is a large seed (or, rarely two seeds) tightly surrounded by pink/yellow, translucent, creamy, sweet-tart pulp.


Melicoccus bijugatus, commonly called Spanish lime, genip, guinep, genipe, ginepa, kenèp, quenepa, quenepe, quenette, chenet, mamón, limoncillo, skinip, kinnip, huaya, or mamoncillo, is a fruit-bearing tree in the soapberry family Sapindaceae, native or naturalized across the New World tropics including South and Central America, and parts of ...


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The fruit is a drupe, and fruit are borne in loose clusters. Individual fruit range in size from 0.3 to 0.8 oz (9 to 22 g) and 40 to 59% pulp. The fruit peel is smooth, green and thin but leathery and brittle. The edible portion of the fruit (pulp) is called an aril. It is succulent, pinkish to white to yellowish and translucent.


Storing. Lemons and limes will keep at room temperature for three or four days and up to two weeks if refrigerated. Using. To maximize the amount of juice when squeezing, first roll the fruit under the palm of your hand on a flat surface to break down the inner fruit and release the juice.


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