People seeking $2 bills can usually obtain them by asking at a bank. Some banks order $2 bills on request, but some require the customer to order a minimum amount. More »

Modern $2 bills are not rare because the $2 bill is still printed and in circulation, explains the U.S. Department of the Treasury. As of 2015, the most recent printing of $2 bills was 2003. The Treasury estimates there ... More »

The $2 bill shows President Thomas Jefferson on the face or obverse side of the bill. The reverse side is a recreation of the painting "Declaration of Independence" by John Trumble. More » Business & Finance Currency & Conversions

The online services provided by People's United Bank are paying bills, transferring funds, viewing account balances, and allowing customers to receive electronic statements and stop receiving paper bills. Customers can e... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

Customers can pay bills through their banks online banking system, but it is not guaranteed it will pay instantly. It depends on the company that is receiving the payment and if you have sufficient funds in your bank acc... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

Huntington Bank's online banking allows customers to pay their bills, transfer money, view their statements online and sign up for mobile alerts. Customers can also access Huntington Bank's support center. More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

Cardholders can pay credit card bills from Credit One Bank online through the online account portal. Users are able to register an online account after receiving their credit cards from the bank. More »