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To fixed scratched glasses, clean them with water and dish soap, and remove a scratched lens coating with sunscreen. For deeper scratches, buff out the scratches with a paste of baking soda and water or a nonabrasive toothpaste. Use a four-way nail buffer to remove scra...


To fix broken reading glasses, purchase an eyeglass repair kit, replace any lost screws, apply clear nail polish to secure the screws, and wrap a rubber band around the arms to tighten a loose hinge. If the plastic frames have broken, wrap tape around the break.


Proper repair techniques for fixing cracked glass depend on the context and the severity of the crack; for example, a crack in a car's windshield can be treated with a filling product or the windshield can be replaced entirely while a cracked wine glass might be fixed w...


It is generally not possible to repair scratches to glass or plastic lenses of eyeglasses. It is sometimes possible to polish or smooth small, superficial scratches, but any method that changes the thickness of the lens can affect its refractive ability, which changes i...


Glass is created when sand is heated at extremely high temperatures along with soda ash and limestone. Other minerals and additives may be combined into the molten glass to alter the properties of the finished product.


Before fixing a broken glass on an iPhone, first back up the data, and then remove the back cover and internal hardware. Finally remove the broken glass assembly and install a replacement before reassembling the iPhone.


Users may visit Recycle.net and GlassRecyclers.net for a variety of available deals and trades where they may sell their used or antique glass. RecycleinMe.com provides visitors with a general area to sell glass according to country and region.