J.R. Watkins products can be purchased on the company's website. The website also has a store locator to help consumers find local store that carry the company's products. More »

Watkins products include gourmet food items -such as soup and sauce mixes- home care goods, healthcare products and bath and beauty items. Watkins offers a variety of residential items and focuses on producing items usin... More »

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Locate a J.R. Watkins consultant by visiting JRWatkins.com, clicking on the Locate a Consultant link under the Shop heading at the bottom of the home page, and filling out your details. Provide an address, including a ci... More »

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As of 2015, J.R. Watkins' official website does not list butternut extract as one of its products, and several web-based distributors of Watkins products confirm that the company no longer makes butternut extract. Other ... More »

Individuals wishing to order a J.R. Watkins catalog can visit the order catalog page at the company's website and choose to download a digital catalog or receive a paper version by mail. Receiving a mail order catalog re... More »

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Find dealers for J.R. Watkins products by visiting the consultants page at the Watkins website (JRWatkins.com) and searching for the nearest consultant by location or name. Consultants for Watkins products are independen... More »

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Retailers that carry J.R. Watkins products include CVS, RiteAid, Safeway, Kroger and Giant Eagle. Costco, Meijer, Loblaw's, Target and Whole Foods also carry this brand. More »