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Where to buy quenepas (fruit)? it's also called "mamoncillo" Update: i've been told you can't buy them in the united states. is that true? if it's not true, are they sold at local grocery stores? ... Can you buy quenepas/mamoncillos at supermarkets in the Orlando area? Where can I buy exotic Fruit? More questions.


There are little carts/stands scattered all over the bronx that sell fruit during the summer ( sugar cane, oranges, mango, platanos, quenepas, guava, pineapple etc. ) sometimes you see them on the side of main roads/ave's and you can just pull over and grab a bag of a few things.


Spanish Limes (Melicoccus bijugatusaka Quenepa, Genips, Wayas, Mamoncillos) are, despite their name, not a citrus fruit.Though they look a bit like small limes from the outside, they actually in the same family as lychees, longans and rambutans.Inside their thin, taut green skin is a large seed (or, rarely two seeds) tightly surrounded by pink/yellow, translucent, creamy, sweet-tart pulp.


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Quenepa fruit has a lovely sweet and slightly tart flavour. You eat by sucking on it like candy. If quenepa is underripe, it has an awful astringent taste. Quenepas are popular in the Caribbean ...


Mamoncillo is generally harvested from June through September. Mamoncillo fruit should be harvested when fully ripe. Ripe fruit undergo no real color change and remain green in color. Ripeness may be determined by fruit size and flavor. The entire fruiting cluster should be clipped from the tree and individual fruit separated by clipping.


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Quenepas were always served with a warning. The tough outer shell bursts easily between your teeth with just the slightest pressure revealing a slick, fleshy pulp clinging to a pit. The texture feels almost inappropriate, but the fruit tastes of sweet lime and roses.


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