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Although these firecracker items look like half sticks, quarter sticks and full sticks of dynamite, they do not resemble them in noise or danger or illegality! These novelty firecrackers simply contain multiple firecrackers (anywhere from 50-300) on a single fuse…from the Dyno Stick to the Jumbo M5000 and M1000.


Wholesale fireworks provides a list of Illegal fireworks online. Silver salute, M-80, cherry bomb, quarter stick are all included in list. This informs customers which explosives are illegal in the United States.


Quarter Stick - The original quarter sticks were similar to M80's, but were larger in size and contained 10 grams or more of flash powder. Quarter sticks were silver in color, four inches long, one inch in diameter, with a four inch green waterproof fuse sticking out the side.


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A quarter stick of dynamite has an average size of 1 inch in diameter and 6 inches in length. It is made with thick cardboard walls and filled with explosive powder. A quarter stick, which is also called an M-1000, is usually used as a firecracker.


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Quarter Sticks – The original quarter sticks were similar to M80’s, but were larger in size and contained 10 grams or more of flash powder. These items were so powerful that they could dismember and kill people who misused them. Quarter sticks were banned by the CPSC in 1966, and made illegal by the BATF (now ATFE) in the 1970’s.


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You CAN still buy M80's (and bigger) at reservations. I bought some big suckers up in Washington state a year or so ago. Damn near a 1/4 stick'O dynamite.