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Pheasant Pie with Wild Rice. Our new Pheasant Pie with Wild Rice has a golden flaky crust and is filled to the brim with a colorful array of veggies and flavorful pheasant breast meat. Enjoy this easy to cook meal that the whole family can enjoy.


Pheasant Meat Game Meat USA Pheasant has a lighter meat than the Guinea fowl. Its flesh is tender, moist yet firm with a taste mix of poultry and venison. Pheasant is excellent roasted and served with wild mushrooms, or a variety of nuts and fresh or


Pheasant meat is considered “earthy” in its flavor, so it pairs well with mushrooms and garlic. Also nice with sweet or fruity flavors as a glaze. Braising is the traditional cooking method, but cooking on the grill or stove top works well too. ... Welcome to Whole Story, the official blog of Whole Foods Market.


Buy pheasant meat / whole pheasant. Our all-natural, free-range ring-necked pheasants are perfect for roasting. Raised in the U.S. No antibiotics or hormones.


Pheasant. Fossil Farms has partnered with the oldest and most experienced Pheasant farmers in the country. Our Wisconsin grown White Pheasants are 100% all natural. Part of the “Never Ever Program”, where antibiotics, hormones and steroids are never used, these Birds are humanely raised with a focus on environmental sustainability.


Where to Buy Pheasant MacFarlane Pheasants can be found coast to coast at grocery stores and restaurants. Shop our online store , visit our On-Farm Retail Store or find a grocery store closest to you.


Both whole birds and breast fillets can be stuffed with apple and raisin to add to the flavour and ease carving. There is a choice of both pork-free and gluten-free stuffings and also a choice of marinades for the pheasant fillets. Pheasant meat does not have a strong gamey flavour so is ideal for those trying game for the first time. Enjoy!


MacFarlane Pheasants is one of the nation's largest providers of pheasant eggs, chicks, and adult birds. We also sell game-bird meat and share recipes for cooking pheasant.


Create Easy and Delicious Meals with MacFarlane Pheasants. Whether you're an experienced cook or a rookie in the kitchen, you can cook a MacFarlane Pheasant. Follow our simple pheasant cooking tips to serve up a delicious meal that adults and kids will love using this lean, hearty meat. For more helpful insights, see our pheasant frequently ...


We offer a selection of pheasant meat for sale, including breasts for pan searing, thighs for a succulent confit, plus the whole bird to roast or braise and other pheasant specialties. Select a Poultry and Fowl Category